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Magento for your business

Businesses who engage in e-commerce these days need to have a robust platform which gives them the right tools to build and manage their online presence. As the most widely used e-commerce platform Magento stands apart from the rest.

But what makes it so special that it became the sought after platform for E-commerce?


MarvelCommerce is a Sri-Lanka based Magento development company.We have teams of Magento Experts who are proficient in various Magento Development Services such as Magento ecommerce development,Themes integration , Modules Development,Extention development,Magento integration,Magento Upgrade,Magento Migration and Customizations as per your requirements.

Our services

1) Magento Implementation

We practice well laid out plan, for deriving optimal performance of Magento eCommerce platform, in the most comprehensive and elaborative manner. Better and consistent performance translates to higher revenue and more success for you.

2) Magento Mobile

Mobile applications have proved to be an excellent tool for propagating business services, conveniently and quickly. The Magento's exciting options can now be customized and tailored to iPhone, iPad and Android app as per your specific business needs, without any hassles.

3) Magento ERP

To ensure maximum productivity in lesser time, you require a scalable web technology platform with the combination of the best e-commerce solution and feature rich ERP system. With thousands of transactions materializing every session, it becomes imperative for webmasters to successfully implement a robust e-commerce system which synchronizes effortlessly with an efficient ERP system.

4) Magento Migration

The world of ecommerce is growing at a rapid pace and you need to keep up with this pace if you wish to expand your business as well as your customer base. And with newer technologies in the ecommerce industry getting developed every now and then, the expectations of the customers are also steadily increasing.