Remote Network Management

These days, working is no longer just 9 to 5 - you need to keep your business running 24/7 to survive. Customers, employees, and suppliers all rely on your systems - making performance and uptime critical. Protecting your network has become a constant concern, as any downtime affects your bottom line.

Today's shortage of talented technical staff and high training costs pose a challenge for your business. Without an around-the-clock managed solution, you could be vulnerable to prolonged service outages.

Zeelabs provides Remote Network Management & Monitoring services 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Using Zeelabs's advanced network management tools, Zeelabs ‘s engineers can remotely perform 99% of the network management functions an engineer can provide onsite, except for those few activities that require a human being to physically touch the server. In those cases, we utilize our client's staff or staff from one of our many partners to assist us.

Zeelabs also utilizes an advanced trouble ticketing and change management system that accepts both manual as well as automated input of incidents and requests. This allows our clients to easily request changes, ask questions or log incidents using a simple, straightforward approach.

Zeelabs's Remote Network Management & Monitoring activities include:

  • System Administration - Configure and manage network equipment and components.
  • Hardware Maintenance - Remotely troubleshoot and resolve hardware problems 24/7.  Coordination of vendor maintenance and repairs for critical events 24/7.
  • 24/7 Operational Support - Troubleshooting, escalation, and resolution of network problems 24/7 including access to trouble ticketing system.
  • Network Monitoring - 24/7 monitoring of all network components and communications circuits for errors and alerts.
  • Automated Alert System - Paging and e-mail notification of alerts to pre-determined escalation contacts by monitoring system.
  • Application updates
  • Data back ups
  • Security protocols

Whether it's 24/7, 8-5 or "after-hours" support you need, Zeelabs can cost-effectively keep your network infrastructure running at peak performance.