Biz Card Builder

A business card is often the first impression a potential client has of any company. The quality and the look of the business card prompt the potential client to follow up. The Biz Card Builder helps your client to create a business card in just a few minutes. By using the printer's template or by designing their own card and uploading it to the site for the printer to print the amount of copies required.

Biz Card Builder allows visitors to design and order their business cards online. The visitor will have the opportunity to design his/her own business card to his/her liking and send it across to you to be printed.

Zeelabs' Biz Card Builder solution not only minimizes lead time, but also results in efficient services and improved customer support. This application will no doubt be at an advantage to all printers wanting to expand their business to reach more clients. Biz Card Builder could be your stepping stone to improved business.

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Competitive Edge

Wastage of valuable time traveling to get the designed card across to the printer as well as money spent getting a professional job done would be saved in the client's prospective. This in turn would provide the client with a competitive edge, which would result in customer satisfaction.

Ease of Use

An intuitive and friendly user interface which allows the visitor to design a business card from basics, using one of the many built in templates or by customizing an existing design. The clients just have to log on to the Biz Card Builder and follow the easy steps to select a template, add a background and fill in the text information. After the card is created a few clicks is all it takes and the printer takes care of the rest.


Design features include the ability to add logos, position the text and images. It's easy to create a great looking card in seconds with Biz Card Builder. Zeelabs Biz Card Builder gives you all the tools to change colors and fonts of any text and much more.

Value For Money

Structured using PHP/mySQL, the Biz Card Builder is designed to work on Linux and Windows platforms - ensuring maximum flexibility and value for money.

Attract Visitors

With the introduction of the Biz Card Builder it will attract visitors to your site and increase consumer time spent on the site, which would result in more orders.

Expand Business

A client may create and print several cards for their business as they wish, for the same business or for multiple business ventures. The online designing feature could also be used to attract international clients and business expansion.

For more information check out the official Biz Card Builder website.