E-shops & Horizontal Portals

Ecommerce solutions and e-business constitute a vast segment of all business done on the web. E-shops allow users to buy goods without having to leave their homes or offices.

Zeelabs can offer you a quality ecommerce solution that will address your business needs. An e-shop of our design is a scalable and stable e-commerce application that can integrate different payment systems, shipment management, e-shop customer management and complex product line management. Zeelabs has designed many e-commerce applications during the last seven years, and has the experience and skills needed to grasp your business needs and mould them into an effective eshop to drive your business forward.

Some of the key features of an online storefront are:

Catalogue Management

  • Add Unlimited Categories
  • Add Unlimited Subcategories
  • Assign Multiple Categories/Subcategories for a Single Product
  • Add Unlimited Products
  • Add Multiple Product Images
  • Add Product Attributes (like size, color etc)
  • Thumbnails & large image views
  • Temporarily disable product
  • Mark Featured products
  • Mark Hot Products
  • Mark Products On sale
  • Partial shipments allowed
  • Inventory management

User Management

  • View, Edit, Delete Registered Users and their details and shopping history
  • Edit Registered Users and their details
  • Delete Registered Users and their details and shopping history

Order Management

  • View, Process, Manage Orders and track order history.
  • Search orders on the basis of First name, last name , city, state , zip of the person placing the order
  • Order status (new order, open order, completed order, cancelled order, archived order)
  • Partial shipment facility
  • Ability to attach notes with orders
  • Print packaging slip
  • Sales Reporting, Analysis & Tracking

Product Views

  • For products sold for a specific range of dates
  • Sales by product
  • Top Selling products
  • Products Removed from cart by customersFor viewing out of stock products
  • For viewing active or suspended products

Order Views

  • Total Sales
  • Number of orders
  • View order history by individual customer
  • View Order history by specific Date range
  • Order data is easy to print
  • Export sales data for use in a spreadsheet
  • Tax Paid on Orders report
  • Shipping Cost paid on orders Report
  • Printable shipping labels

Customer Views

  • History of all the orders placed by a Registered Customer
  • Order status for each customer- Pending, Partially shipped, completed

Shipping & Tax

  • Automatic tax calculation.
  • Restrict countries and states for shipping to.
  • Setup unlimited tax regions for international and interstate customers.
  • Support unlimited local and international taxes.