Live Support

Live support is the online support technology that allows you to provide the best online customer service. It is a dynamic application focused on increasing sales and improving relationships with your customers. Its powerful tools offer endless possibilities that exceed those of other support services limited to the web environment.

Live support is designed for all kinds of organizations, from small Websites to large contact centers.

Small Companies
Live Support adapts perfectly to the requirements for small companies. Websites with a less number of visitors can have one operator to provide customer service.

Large Companies
Live Support will permit websites with a large number of visitors and queries to accommodate the required number of operators, as well as the tools to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction resulting in sales.

Technical Support Companies
A convenient way of interacting with the customer and specially adapted to provide online technical support regarding customer queries.
Live Support humanizes your web application, so that the operator can use sales arguments directly with visitor, and offer him/her the product or service that most closely meets the consumer profile 24 hours 7 days a week.