Mobile Messenger

Mobile messenger is a versatile application which is capable of sending & receiving Short Messages, using the GSM Short Messenger Service (SMS).
The system is ideal for small and medium scale business organizations that are planning to establish their own Mini Short Message Service Center which is user configurable. Mobile Messenger empowers you to send and receive regular text messages, to and from anyone or any group anywhere in the world from your desktop.

Some of the methods and advantages of applying the Mobile Messenger into the operation of your organization are listed below.

It can be utilized for cost effective two-way messaging or for handling complex Information on Demand services.

Mobile Messenger can be configured easily to work side by side with any of your existing applications to send out alerts based on your own criteria, controlled and configured by your organization.

Alerts can be sent to pre-defined phone numbers in the event of any system failure.

Mobile Messenger is the ideal application to keep in touch with your employees and to keep yourself and your client better informed.